Hayley Rogers

Teacher Healer and Guide


mob: 07868 170 343

Holycombe Retreat Centre

Holycombe, Whichford, 


Warwickshire, CV36 5PH

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Hayley is a Psychic clairvoyant,  she can channel information for you about your health, love and how to manifest in your life as well as using various healing techniques to get you back on track!

A  reading session can help you to see more clearly what is happening and where the blocks are in your life.  
Using her psychic gifts as a channel she can offer guidance in areas such as:

  • life purpose readings

Hayley was born with the gift  of being psychic and clairvoyant. From an early age she has seen and talked to spirit. As a teenager  this became forgotten and it wasn't until she was 16  yrs old , when she picked up a pack of tarot  cards that her gift once again became apparent. She has travelled extensively and worked internationally with many people both teaching and reading.  She is also a channel for various beings where she can offer guidance in many areas of your life if you have questions about any area of your life this is the best reading for you! 

By using the tarot she is also able to read and interprate whats happening in your life so you can make the best choices.

If you are looking for an accurate and honest reading call to make an appointment. 

please enquire about availability before booking
All Readings must be paid for in advance
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